In any process or environment, where exist fluid flow, whether liquid or gaseous, we can apply 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics. An example of this is Formula 1 that uses the technology for the aerodynamic development of their cars to improve their timing performance and to reduce costs with fuel consumption. In parallel, Tau Flow searches the "milliseconds" that our clients need to be acting in high performance in the market they belong.

With this focus we seek to understand, diagnose, create scenarios and develop solutions that aim to optimize processes and projects.

Due to our extensive experience in segments such as processing industry and agro industry associated with scientific knowledge in processes, thermal controlled environments and industrial ventilation, we are capable to develop solutions that reach high value added results.

Our Solutions are always developed with PMI / IPMA standards to ensure the technical-scientific application at high levels of efficiency and compliance.

But, what is CFD?

We can describe it as:

3D Computational Numerical Simulation of flows behaviors (gases and/or liquids) through their physicochemical characteristics.

Velocity, Pressure, Temperature, Concentration and Turbulent Properties are analyzed through mathematical models based on the principles of mass conservation, energy and momentum in the space and time domain.

The solution can provide scientific basis for taking decisions in diagnostics and process improvements, as well, in project validations. Generating thus, reduction of losses and productivity gains. Learn more about application in different industries