The concern with environmental issues has been intensifying over the years with technological development and global human population growth. The need to preserve natural resources to maintain a good interaction with nature, and to ensure natural resources and environmental conditions for future generations, has had a great impact on decisions involving both public and corporate administrations. The emissions of pollutants into rivers and gases into the atmosphere are part of the problems that companies have to face as a byproduct of their productive processes. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in this context stands as a numerical methodology capable of performing studies on the dispersion of gases and pollutants in rivers. Through these studies, strategies can be established to minimize the impacts that these actions have on the environment.

* Studies and analyzes of environmental impact due to industrial gas emissions. * Simulation of pollutant dispersion in rivers. * Simulation of environmental impact due to natural disasters or otherwise. * Simulation of contingency plan for ruptures or leaks.


Simulation of environmental impact and contingency plans to enhance safety.