Food Industry and Refrigeration

The food industry includes in its processes many operations that demand energy expenditure, such as ovens for the production of cookies, crackers, and bread. Other operations require mixing processes in order to maintain the proper homogeneity of their products. There are also operations that make use of centrifuges, transport of fluids through pipes, separators, heat exchangers, among other operations.v
A sector in which energy consumption has significant participation in the productive process is cold storage. Refrigerated chambers consume a lot of energy in order to maintain temperatures under control. Therefore, to have a homogeneous temperature in their interior becomes essential. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used in projects in food industry processes in general, as well as in projects and assessments of refrigerated chamber performance in cold storage facilities.

Food industry * Oven designs using CFD. * Performance assessment of ovens and processes. * Design, analyses and simulations of agitation and mixing systems in the food industry. * Simulation of pumps, centrifuges, exhaust fans, and drainage in industrial piping. Cold Storage * Interior design of cold chambers for the improved distribution of temperature. * Analyses of temperature distribution and airflow. * Design and analyses of exhaust systems.


Simulation for improvements on mixing tanks efficiency.