Petrochemical Industry and Offshore

Most processes in the petrochemical industry feature fluid flow as an important part of the current physical-chemical systems in refining and exploration operations.
In this context, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is seen as a powerful tool for the computational numerical analysis of several processes involved in both the offshore exploration industry, and in the storage and refining processes. Among the various applications, we can highlight studies involving multiphase fluid flow inside piping and equipment with the objective of assessing process behavior and efficiency, optimization and equipment designs, and in the studies of hydrodynamic efforts in underwater structures, such as risers and equipment installed on the seabed.

Offshore * Studies to estimate hydrodynamic coefficients and underwater structures. * Studies to estimate hydrodynamic coefficients and underwater risers. * Estimate of pollutant dispersion due to leakages. Transport * Petroleum fluid flow. * Pumps, cavitation, etc. * Storage tank analysis. Refining Processes * Gas-liquid multiphase drainage in the interior of piping and furnaces. * Design of equipment and processes. * Hydrocracking designs. * Studies for fluid flow assurance.


Valve Simulation for improving flow efficiency.