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We are also a training center for OpenFOAM professionals and we challenge our students to rethink the way they learn, with fewer lectures and more practical activities in intensive courses with a load of up to 36 hours. 

The distance or face-to-face course, allows the student to obtain basic and introductory notions for using the software. In addition, it allows you to make setups, meshes, run cases, analyze and visualize data. We know that the best way to prepare a CFD professional for the market is with a “learn by doing” methodology that integrates the theoretical part with practical cases. Beyond using technology, we promote teaching processes that propel our students to the job market.

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Who is the course for?

The course is aimed at professionals who are interested in working and getting to know OpenFoam for Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Analysis (CFD). This course has as a prerequisite the knowledge in basic terms of fluid mechanics and numerical methods.

Course aimed at those who want to learn the basic principles of OpenFOAM.
Module 1: OpenFOAM introductory course
  1. Course aimed at those who want to learn the basic principles of OpenFOAM.List
    1. Linux and command terminal basics
    2. Introduction to OpenFOAM
    3. Installing OpenFOAM
    4. Setup cases in OpenFOAM

    3.1. Logs

    3.2. Fluid properties (constant directory)

    3.3. Boundary condition (directory 0)

    3.4. Interpolation schemes (system/fvScheme)

    3.5. Numerical solvers (system/fvSolution)

    3.6. Time step, simulation time, etc. (system/controlDict)

    3.7. Parallel processing

    1. Construction of basic geometries and meshes using blockMesh
    2. Mesh generation with CFMesh
    3. Mesh generation with snappyHexMesh
    4. Running Case 1
    5. Post-processing Case 1 (paraview)   

    9. Running Case 2

Module 2 - OpenFOAM advanced course

Course aimed at those who want to improve their knowledge of OpenFoam 




  1. Construction of geometries using Salome CFD and exporting to OpenFOAM
  2. Multiphase case modeling – InterFoam 3h
  3. Multiphase case modeling – twoPhaseEulerFoam
  4. Modifying an existing solver
  5. Creating a new solver
  6. Case Studies


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Want to know more about the OpenFOAM course?

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