Consulting & Training


Tau Flow is qualified to provide training and consultation to meet the needs of our customers in the various areas of engineering and technological sciences by means of numerical simulation methodologies, particularly Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the development of its designs or the improvement of its processes.

We work with markets leading CFD and numerical simulation software.

The following is all the training and consultation that we provide:


* Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
* Course on the construction of geometries and mesh generation.
* Basic course on OpenFOAM® *
* Advanced course on OpenFOAM® *
* Specific training on CFD and OpenFOAM® *


* Business Consulting for the application of CFD in designs, processes, and equipment.
* Consulting on the use of OpenFOAM® * in the study of specific cases in your company.
* Consulting for the implementation of CFD methodology in your company.
* Migration from the use of commercial CFD to free CFD for the reduction of costs in the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

OpenFOAM® is a trademark property for ESI Group.